Brakes & Suspension


At Whitstable Motor Services, we are able to inspect, service and repair your vehicles braking and suspension systems, including ABS and the associated traction and electronic stability systems.

If your vehicle is showing any signs of brake problems, these may be noises or vibration under braking, or soft or ineffective brakes, it may be the precursor to a more serious failure.  We can inspect and report on your symptoms, and give you a full and fixed quote on any appropriate repairs.

discsSuspension knocks rattles and squeaks are no problem, they can be the result of worn suspension components, shock absorbers or ever more commonly springs. We can inspect and repair all these faults.


ABS and Traction Control

Electronic ABS is fitted to the majority of vehicles these days, it is often integrated into Traction Control and electronic Stability Control programs.  Your ABS requires the vehicles brakes to be in satisfactory working order to work effectively, it is not uncommon however, for the electronic system to develop its own faults. Your ABS system will self test every time you start your car, if your vehicle shows an ABS light, traction or stability control light whilst driving a fault will have been detected and recorded.  We can scan the electronic systems on your vehicle to identify and repair any problems.



As of March 2013 any warning lights refering to the ABS, traction or stability control systems on your vehicle that are illuminated will fail the MOT test!


Call us, or pop in if you have any queries or would like your vehicle inspected.