Clutch and Gearbox Repair

At Whitstable Motor Services we carry out rapid clutch replacements to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

We routinely use manufacturer specification components including Dual Mass Flywheels. 

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About your clutch and flywheel

The clutch fitted to your manual or semi-automatic vehicle, provides a smooth drive between the engine and gearbox. The clutch assembly is mounted on the engine flywheel in some cases especially on modern diesel engines the flywheel will be a Dual Mass Flywheel or DMF


The DMF is used to absorb rotational vibration, this has two benefits, firstly it greatly refines running of the engine and drive of your vehicle, especially at low engine speed and when pulling away. It also prevents vibration being transmitted from the engine through the clutch to the transmission, where damage can occur.


If you have a DMF fitted to your vehicle it will need to be replaced with the clutch. It is worth remembering  that DMF failure occurs as regularly as clutch failure, so it may well be the DMF that is at the route of your problem.

At Whitstable Motor Services we fit only manufacturer spec DMF’s as well as clutches.


                                                                                       Dual Mass Flywheel