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At Whitstable Motor Services we can carry out servicing, maintenance and repairs to all types of electric and hybrid drive vehicles.




The market for electric and hybrid vehicles is growing at ever increasing rate, vehicle manufacturers are adopting advanced drivetrain systems to counter growing global emissions levels and to adhere to stringent allowable tailpipe emissions set by governments the world over. It is inevitable that in the coming years motorists of all types will begin to transition from conventional internal combustion engines to hybrid and electric technologies, some manufacturers have already set a date at which they will no longer supply purely petrol or  Diesel engined vehicles.

Here at Whitstable Motor Services we are already experiencing this change, with more hybrid and EV’s visiting our workshops than ever before. This has meant a re-think in the way we work, we have invested in training and equipment to bring us up to date with these new technologies so we can  continue to offer a full range of services on all makes and models and all types of drive systems.


Due to the high voltages employed by the EV systems, a typical battery will generate 250v that can be boosted to as much as 600v, by the vehicles invertor before being fed to the drive motor. Safely working on or around these vehicles means taking some serious precautions.



Safety equipment can involve the likes of rubber boots! Thick rubber gloves and plastic tools to make sure technicians are protected from electric shocks. Vehicles must be isolated in the workshop, and if they use proximity keys, the keys must be locked in a box that prevents their radio signal reaching the car, so as to prevent the vehicle initialising whilst being worked on. Our training ensures your vehicle can be maintained in a safe and proper environment.


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